Winter Break Show

Winter Break Fun!

When: Wednesday, Dec. 28, 11 A.M.
Where: Owl Glass Puppetry Center
Cost: $5.00 (groups of 10 or more who reserve in advance: $4.00 each)

Feeling the winter blahs?  Bored with winter vacation?  Come to Owl Glass Puppetry Center in West Liberty and have fun!  See In the Mirror; Three Tales From Asia, a set of three tales from Japan and Turkey all featuring atypical heroes. A favorite is the little old lady outsmarting two Onis (Japanese trolls) who imprison her in order to sample her delicious cooking. The show uses a clever stage that rises and folds out of a decorated box. It features rod puppets, paper puppets, masks, and a combination rod puppet/rod marionette.


Eulenspiegel Puppets

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319 N. Calhoun St.
West Liberty, IA